RetroPie Shopping List

Here is my RetroPie shopping list:

1. Raspberry Pi Kit
– I bought all these parts separately, but they’re way cheaper here. Different case, but you really don’t even need a case. This also has heat sinks, which I don’t have.

2. Memory Card
– You need at least an 8GB, but I put a 32 on ther so you can store more games on there. In retrospect, I think I should havre got myself a bigger one, but they’re cheap if I ever want to upgrade.

3. Card Reader
– If you don’t have a slot on your computer to read SD or MiniSD cards, you’ll need this. I did.

The system supports wireless controllers from XBox or Playstation, but I wanted the original controllers. Here are the ones I got.

4. NES controllers
– I’ve only used these. The other ones below I ordered because there were sone games I want to play on other systems.

5. SNES controllers
– Bought this, but haven’t got it yet.

6. N64 controllers
– Bought two of these for Mario Kart and Goldeneye

Note: If you want to set up WiFi, you’ll need a wired, USB keyboard. I have mine plugged directly into the router, because I don’t have a keyboard. You need the internet to transfer ROMs, however you can transfer them with a USB thumb drive.


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