Eff MJ

I wasn’t shocked by the media frenzy about the death of Michael Jackson. He was a very famous man who unexpectedly died in mysterious circumstances. You know the news channels are going to go batshit crazy. Hell, even I was interested in the story.

What did end up shocking me was the outpouring of people talking about how awesome he was. People poured out into the streets to celebrate his talented live. It all kind of made me sick.

It really hit home when I heard someone say, “He may have been a pederast, but he was still the King of Pop.”

That statement couldn’t be more backwards. He might have been the King of Pop, but he was a pederast! I don’t care how well you dance or how many records you sell; you don’t do what he did. I don’t care about his childhood or his hardships; you don’t do what he did. That’s like saying, “Well, Hitler may have killed a lot of jews, but thatVolkswagen

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    hey man i agree. MJ was weird. But whats been up. just the other day i was wondering how you have been. How are Kegan And Keller. I member watchin those two kids.
    This is Renee Mullins Brother. Also what kind of software did you use to start your websites. wicked shit. My Father in Law wants to start a web site for is company and just wonder if you could give me some pointers. like to hear from ya some time.

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