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Angel Batista’s Car

I just got finished watching the Dexter on Netflix. Such an awesome show. I mean, the last season was absolute shit, but other than that. One of my favorite characters was Sgt / Lt Angel Batista. Not only was he such and amazing character, his slight speech impediment made it so much better, instead of […]

Fighting Hunger in Sierra Leone

I decide to post this because I’m a terribly nice guy. Actually, I’m really not, but every time I see a starving kid I can’t help but imagine one of my sons being that hungry and it kills me. So, help end Hunger in Sierra Leone and meet the life you change. Not to be […]

Less Than Lazy Sunday!

I actually did something tonight. I built a new website, to document the quotes of Kenny Powers (of Eastbound and Down, for those who live under a rock).

On Tags and Google

I wrote this absurdly long email the other day about the proper use of tags. Specifically, it discussed tags being indexed by the site’s search engine and Google. I realized that for the most part, none of the recipients would fully read it, so I decided to strip out the site-specific and share it with […]

Check out this cool infographic

The Real Cost of Sony’s Network Outage By Promotional Codes

I want this shirt so bad

If anyone is looking for something to buy me for Christmas, I really really really want this shirt. It’s supposed to be available at this site, but they appear to be closed. 🙁 note: I posted this from my iPhone while having a conversation with Amanda on speakerphone. I totally wasn’t paying attention.

Eff MJ

I wasn’t shocked by the media frenzy about the death of Michael Jackson. He was a very famous man who unexpectedly died in mysterious circumstances. You know the news channels are going to go batshit crazy. Hell, even I was interested in the story. What did end up shocking me was the outpouring of people […]

Blogging Sucks

I was blogging before blogging was as word. I wrote online as a my sole source of income for three years. Now, not only can I not find time to log in here once a week, but I can’t even remember to tweet more than once every couple days. It’s pathetic. I keep saying that […]

Got Wet

Man, I really didn’t think that finding a little time to write on here would be so damn hard. I figured I would give me a nice relief from working on other people’s sites and help release those creative juices! It’s just that after staring at a computer screen for 10 hours a day, the […]

The Best Pic Ever

I’ll admit that I thought it was cool as shit when Sarah took us to Hyde the other night. Who hasn’t seen the videos of all the celebs getting denied