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RetroPie Shopping List

Here is my RetroPie shopping list: 1. Raspberry Pi Kit – I bought all these parts separately, but they’re way cheaper here. Different case, but you really don’t even need a case. This also has heat sinks, which I don’t have. 2. Memory Card – You need at least an 8GB, but I […]

SSH via Mac Terminal – SSH Settings

I’ve been using my Mac for work lately, using the to SSH to the servers I need to. What’s been driving me nuts is that I keep getting kicked off of the server every time I’m away from my computer for more than two minutes. Finally, I did some googling. It turns out that […]

Less Than Lazy Sunday!

I actually did something tonight. I built a new website, to document the quotes of Kenny Powers (of Eastbound and Down, for those who live under a rock).

Dates on Content and how to keep things evergreen

Sometimes, I don’t spend enough time explaining things to people. Most times, I spend too much time explaining things. This is usually because when I don’t properly explain, people fail to understand what I’m trying to say, and then I end up writing huge overly detailed emails. Today, I got yelled at by someone for […]

Check out this cool infographic: Take Two

Check out this really cool infographic that I found over at this British Coupon Website. It’s so super cool and informative that it inspired me to share it and write some useful commentary about it.

From my phone, for no good reason

I’m posting this from my phone for no good reason other than simply because I can. I realize that it’s retarded, but I upgraded WordPress just so I could, and I feel obligated to do so. Here’s what I’m looking at right now:

An Idiot’s Intro to Robots.txt

When I started this blog, I intended on using it to document my exploits on the web. I have been building websites for quite a long time now, and while I can’t say that I know everything, I’m pretty darn good at my job. Last July I took a position as a Project Manager at […]

Class over Cheese

I’ve finally got some kind of layout up here. It took the better part of an hour to get something up that was fairly acceptable. I had made two header images the other day and I passed them around to a couple of friends. The ones I knew would pick this one, did. The ones […]