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Fighting Hunger in Sierra Leone

I decide to post this because I’m a terribly nice guy. Actually, I’m really not, but every time I see a starving kid I can’t help but imagine one of my sons being that hungry and it kills me. So, help end Hunger in Sierra Leone and meet the life you change. Not to be […]

Less Than Lazy Sunday!

I actually did something tonight. I built a new website, to document the quotes of Kenny Powers (of Eastbound and Down, for those who live under a rock).

On Tags and Google

I wrote this absurdly long email the other day about the proper use of tags. Specifically, it discussed tags being indexed by the site’s search engine and Google. I realized that for the most part, none of the recipients would fully read it, so I decided to strip out the site-specific and share it with […]

Check out this cool infographic

The Real Cost of Sony’s Network Outage By Promotional Codes

I want this shirt so bad

If anyone is looking for something to buy me for Christmas, I really really really want this shirt. It’s supposed to be available at this site, but they appear to be closed. 🙁 note: I posted this from my iPhone while having a conversation with Amanda on speakerphone. I totally wasn’t paying attention.

Blogging Sucks

I was blogging before blogging was as word. I wrote online as a my sole source of income for three years. Now, not only can I not find time to log in here once a week, but I can’t even remember to tweet more than once every couple days. It’s pathetic. I keep saying that […]

Got Wet

Man, I really didn’t think that finding a little time to write on here would be so damn hard. I figured I would give me a nice relief from working on other people’s sites and help release those creative juices! It’s just that after staring at a computer screen for 10 hours a day, the […]

The Best Pic Ever

I’ll admit that I thought it was cool as shit when Sarah took us to Hyde the other night. Who hasn’t seen the videos of all the celebs getting denied

Trying to be Pimpy

My old friend Sergey was in town this weekend from Ohio. His GF lives out here, so he flies out whenever he gets a chance, and I love seeing him. It’s like a piece of Ohio, without the bullshit of being in Ohio. Sergey’s woman is a club promoter, so when he’s out here we […]

A Blog? Seriously? That’s so 2003!

Yeah…. call me a sell out. I finally broke down and created myself a blog. I feel like such a poser. I’ve written online for 4 years now to support myself and I’m just now finally making a page for myself. I figure it’s a way for my parents in Ohio to keep track of […]